May 10, 1974


Catamount Room, Hinds University Center, May 10, 1974

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on May 10, 1974, at 10:00 a.m. in the Catamount Room of Hinds University Center. Members present were:

Mr. James H. Glenn, Chairman
Mr. Orville D. Coward
Mr. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. John H. Gloyne
Mr. Hazen Ledford
Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee
Mrs. Helen B. Owen
Mr. Harold R. Rogers
Mr. Richard B. Wynne

Others present were:

Acting Chancellor Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Dr. Gurney Chambers
Miss Donna Clemmer
Mr. Doyle M. Dillard
Mr. William E. Scott
Mrs. Ruth C. Shuler
Mr. John W. Slater
Dr. Glenn W. Stillion
Mr. Robert L. Waters
Dr. J. Stuart Wilson

Mr. Rogers introduced Miss Clemmer, an English major from Dallas, North Carolina, who is the newly-elected president of the student body and ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Draft minutes of the January 11 meeting had been mailed to trustees. Mr. Wynne moved that the minutes be approved as written, Mr. Mallonee seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Waters and Dr. Chambers reported on the most recent meeting of Southern Conference officials, at which time they voted to send two committees to the campus to study the athletic and academic programs. The committee findings will be reported to the December meeting of the Southern Conference. Letters of support have been written by The Citadel, East Carolina University, and Appalachian State University, and Coach Stasavich from East Carolina will be on the campus today. Mr. Glenn requested that Mr. Waters ask Mr. Stasavich to look at the Asheville Coliseum.

Mr. Brown gave a status report on the faculty governance document, a draft of which had been given to the trustees previously. Dr. Robinson requested that the draft be held until his arrival on campus; this was acceptable to the Faculty-Administration Senate. At the present time the Faculty-Administration Senate continues to operate and will do so until possibly September or October of the next academic year.

Dr. Wilson reported on student enrollment and explained the work of the admissions officers. He informed the trustees of the team which is visiting technical institutes and community colleges and of the work being done to allow their students to transfer credits toward a degree at Western. Dr. Wilson also cited new programs being developed in an effort to offer what students are most interested in. Letters written by Dr. Robinson and Mr. Brown in support of the recruitment program were distributed to the trustees. (These letters are on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit #1.)

At its meeting on April 11, 1974, the Board of Governors adopted a resolution concerning the operation of endowment funds by the constituent institutions. Mr. Scott presented for the trustees' consideration a resolution to bring the operation of the WCU endowment fund into conformity with the regulations of the Board of Governors. Upon Mr. Coward's motion and Mr. Mallonee's second, the resolution was approved. (The complete resolution is on file as Exhibit #2 in the Chancellor's Office.)

A discussion of the membership of the Endowment Fund committee followed. Mr. Mallonee moved that Mrs. Owen be elected to the vacancy created by Mr. Gentry's transfer and subsequent resignation. Mr. Rogers seconded the motion, and it was approved.

The 1974 General Assembly amended portions of the General Statutes applying to operation of campus stores. Mr. Scott explained the provisions of the legislation and presented a resolution setting forth the operation of the WCU campus store. During the discussion, the following statement was added to Section H of the proposed resolution: "It is recommended that the Chancellor allocate these profits as equally as possible between general scholarship aid and athletics grants-in-aid." Mr. Rogers then moved the adoption of the resolution, Mr. Wynne and Mr. Coward seconded, the motion carried. (See Exhibit #3 on file in the Chancellor's Office for the complete text of the resolution.)

Mr. Dillard asked the Board to approve a decrease in the board fee effective fall quarter from $145 to $135 per quarter. This decrease is possible because students have cooperated so well in conserving food. Mr. Rogers moved that the fee be decreased to $135, Mr. Wynne seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Dillard presented a proposal to permit Mrs. Jane Orr and the Presbyterian Student House to tap onto the campus sewage system, this being done to accommodate the State Highway Department in its widening of Speedwell Road to the new stadium. Mr. Mallonee moved to approve the proposal, Mr. Gloyne seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Dillard then presented a resolution authorizing the University's adoption of conservation measures for Camp Laboratory School, stating that this would be done at no cost to the University. Mr. Rogers moved the adoption of the resolution, Mr. Ledford seconded, and the motion carried. (See Exhibit A.)

In Mr. Norton's absence, Mr. Brown reported on the meeting of the Building Committee on April 12 at which time improvements to Speedwell Road were discussed. The committee recommended that the Board authorize Mr. Scott to file forms for granting of an easement to the Highway Commission. Mr. Coward so moved, Mr. Edwards seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Brown further explained the possible acquisition of approximately 40 acres on the west side of the campus and the committee's recommendation to authorize Mr. Scott to file forms for acquisition. Mr. Coward moved that the authority be granted, Mr. Rogers seconded, and the motion carried.

Mr. Brown also reported on the meetings of committees to name the stadium and the science building. Nominations are to be forwarded to Mr. Norton by May 20 and the committees will make recommendations to the next meeting of the Board.

Mr. Glenn commented on the memorial service held for Dr. Hugh McEniry on May 5. Mr. Mallonee moved that a resolution of sympathy be adopted and put in the minutes of this meeting. Mr. Ledford seconded and the motion was approved. Mr. Coward was asked to develop a resolution.

Mr. Rogers asked that some minor changes in wording be made in the student constitution, these changes having been approved by the Student Senate and by a student referendum. Dr. Stillion stated that the chancellor could authorize these changes, and Mr. Glenn declared the Board's approval for such a procedure.

At this point Mr. Glenn asked that the Board go into executive session. Open Meeting Act

With no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Helen B. Owen, Secretary



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