March 6, 1975


Conference Room, Bird Administration Building     March 6, 1975

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on March 6, 1975, at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building.


The following members of the Board were present: Miss Clemmer, Mr. Abbott, Mr. Coward, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Gloyne; Mr. Hennessee, and Mr. Mallonee. Also present were Chancellor Robinson; Vice-Chancellor Dillard; Mrs. Jakes, Assistant to the Chancellor; Dr. Phillips, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Mr. Scott, University Attorney; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Dr. Hyatt, Director of Planning and Development; Mr. Ramsey, Assistant to the Chancellor for WCU Programs in Asheville; Dr. Lovin, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees; Mr. Allman, Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees; Dr. Algin King, Dean, School of Business; and Mrs. Shuler, Secretary to the Chancellor. Dr. Baker, Head, Department of Nursing, and Professor Leland Waters were present for part of the meeting.


Chairman Glenn reported that a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees held December 5, 1974, had been mailed to each Trustee. No suggestion or correction was made, and the chair declared the minutes approved as distributed.


Because of the absence of several members, the Building Committee did not meet as had been scheduled. Chairman Glenn asked administrative officials to present the items needing action.

1. Granting of easement

University Attorney Scott requested authorization to file with State officials a request that an easement 12' wide be granted to the U. S. Forest Service for ingress and egress to their property which is located southwest of the main campus off Speedwell Road up Cullowhee Mountain. After discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, Mr. Scott was authorized to file the necessary documents with the North Carolina Department of Administration.

2. Ratification of engineering firm

Vice-Chancellor Dillard reported that members of the Building Committee had given approval by telephone to name the firm of. Reece-McElrath-Noland, Inc., as the engineer for fire protection and safety devices in the amount of $31,000 for various academic buildings. Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the Board of Trustees ratified the action of the Building Committee.

Vice-Chancellor Dillard announced that bids on the Natural Sciences Laboratory Building would be opened on March 14.


Vice-Chancellor Dillard requested approval of a: pro-rata automobile registration fee. The fee, which was increased from $5 to $8 at a previous Board meeting, would be pro-rated on a quarter-by-quarter basis for new registrants as follows:

Fall quarter $8; winter quarter $6; spring quarter $4; summer quarter $2.

Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the pro-rata automobile registration fee was approved.


Chancellor Robinson told the Board that the Faculty Senators had requested that Board minutes be distributed and that there was a question as to whether such minutes could be distributed before approval by the Board. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, approval was given to distribute unofficial Board minutes to the Faculty Senators with the notation that these were unofficial until approved at a subsequent Board meeting.


Chancellor Robinson informed the Board that Western Carolina University and East Carolina University are the only members of the University System still on the quarter calendar and that the General Administration would prefer that all institutions be on a similar calendar. Plans are being made to place Western Carolina University on the semester calendar in the fall of 1977, which will give ample time for a major overhaul of the courses and curriculum as this change is made.

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the conversion to the semester calendar for fall, 1977, was approved.


1. Patrons of Quality dinner

A dinner to honor recipients of the Patrons of Quality scholarships, their parents, and the Patrons will be held on April 18 in Brown Cafeteria.

2. Revised enrollment projections

Chancellor Robinson informed the Board that revised enrollment projections for the next five years have been submitted to President Friday. (Copy filed with minutes material.) It is anticipated that there will be 3,000 or more students in the residence halls next fall, although the economic situation is being watched carefully. Availability of student aid funds may be a critical factor in enrollment of students.

3. Announcement of important dates

Commencement, Sunday, June 8, 1975. An invitation has been extended to Dr. Virginia Trotter to be speaker, with Dr. Harold Delaney as second choice and Dr. S. P. Marland as third choice. Next Board Meeting, June 5, 1975

4. Photographs of Trustees

Dr. Robinson requested that trustees contact Mr. Allan Culberson, of Asheville, to make appointments for photographs to be displayed ini the Conference Room.

5. Financial Arrangements with UNC-A

Vice-Chancellor Dillard summarized the arrangements made to coordinate tuition payments for WCU students attending classes taught by UNC-A faculty members.

6. WCU-Asheville Program

Mr. Ramsey told the Trustees of developments being made in the cooperative arrangements between WCU and UNC-A. (The complete text of his remarks is on file with the minutes material.)

7. Affirmative Action

Dr. Hyatt informed the Trustees that additional information must be submitted to the Office of Civil Rights to be included in the Affirmative Action Plan. Guidelines are being developed to have on file an evaluation form on each EPA position in order to comply with affirmative action regulations. Dr. Lovin assured the Trustees that new faculty being hired have high qualifications and are not hired simply because they are minorities or women.

8. New Computer

The Xerox computer will be installed on May 21 and much interest is being shown around the region from public schools, technical institutes, and governmental units about the possibility of obtaining computer services from the University.

9. Newspaper articles on long-range plan

Mr. Reed has begun talks with Mr. John Parris, of the Asheville Citizen, about a series of articles on the long-range plan recently submitted. He will also explore the possibility of articles for other media.

10. School of Business

Dr. Algin King, Dean of the School of Business, presented a report on major goals of the School of Business. (A complete text of his remarks is filed with the minutes material.,)

11. Department of Nursing

Dr. Marjorie Baker, Head of the Department of Nursing, gave a short history of the department and told the Trustees that enrollment continues to increase. It is hoped that a Master's degree program can be developed very soon. Discussions are being held with Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute about cooperative programs there. Another great need of this area is for continuing education and discussions are underway with AHEC about the possibilities of working closely with them. The department needs more physical space and faculty.



By consent, the meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m. and luncheon was served in Brown Cafeteria.

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Helen B. Owen, Secretary


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