March 26, 1973


Catamount Room, A. K. Hinds University Center          March 26, 1973

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in a regular monthly meeting at 11:00 a.m., Monday, March 26, 1973, in the Catamount Room of A. K. Hinds University Center. The following members were present:

Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Arnold Hyde, Secretary
C. Jack Arrington
Robert L. Edwards
F. Carl Harman
David E. Henson
Charles 0. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Dwight Nelson

Others present:

Jack K. Carlton, Chancellor
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
W. Doug Davis
Doyle M. Dillard
Virginia P. Molinatto
Charles Newman
J. Dan Pittillo
A. Doug Reed
J. Stuart Wilson

Mr. Mallonee called the meeting to order, and stated four members of the Board were absent: Chairman Jack E. Abbott, due to personal business; Ted Jordan, due to a business trip; Reg E. Moody, who was out of the country; and Clyde M. Norton, due to illness. It was moved by Mr. Hyde, seconded by Dr. Henson, and unanimously carried to excuse these absences.

A draft of the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of February 24, 1973, had been mailed to the members of the Board. The Chairman asked for corrections or changes, and declared the minutes approved, to be made a part of the permanent minutes book.

Mr. Edwards, Chairman of the Student Affairs Committee, reported that discussions were had in the Committee meeting held prior to the Board Meeting. These principally were: Orientation of approximately 1700 students this summer; housing contracts; and mail delivery to the residence halls. No action was required by the Board.

Mr. Harman, Chairman of the Business Affairs Committee, reported that a discussion was had regarding faculty housing and the three-year policy; that the University is in the process of constructing 19 new units; and that it was recommended by the Committee that a temporary waiver of the three-year policy be granted until the new units are completed. It was the consensus of the Board that this temporary waiver
be granted.

Mr. Harman further reported that a discussion was had regarding the laundry, stating that last May the Board gave the Business Office authority to close the laundry facilities for student use and to retain sufficient employees to perform University work. It has come to the attention of the Business Office that the University could utilize a linen service and the laundry would then be closed down completely. It was unanimously agreed that the Business Office should utilize whatever type facility would be most economical to the University. (For minutes of the Business Affairs Committee see Exhibit Number One on file in the Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. Van Gorder, Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee, requested Dr. Wilson to report on the meeting of this Committee. Dr. Wilson stated the matters discussed principally were: present state of enrollment; two searches under way for administrative positions--Dean of School of Arts and Sciences and Dean of School of Business--well into the process of seeking the Dean of School of Business; composition problems regarding the committee search for the Dean of School of Arts and Sciences (these should be resolved shortly); and a discussion was had regarding ways and means to increase enrollment. No Board action required.

Mr. Walsh, Chairman of the Property and Building Committee, reported that two of the most critical needs on campus are air-conditioning of the Little Theatre and a high-frequency generator to coordinate clocks and bells on the campus. A request has been submitted to Raleigh for approval by the Advisory Budget Commission to transfer funds from equipment to capital improvements to accomplish these projects. A request is being made of the Board for approval to employ engineers to design these projects. It was moved by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Harman, and unanimously carried that the University proceed with the employment of engineers for these purposes.

The Committee also discussed the sewerage system. Mr. Brown was requested to bring the Board up-to-date regarding this matter. No action was taken.

Mr. Dillard was requested to inform the Board members regarding the Post Office project. Mr. Dillard pointed out the possibility of mail delivery to the residence halls, with the Post Office Department installing the mail boxes in the halls, with other facilities being provided for the commuting students. He further pointed out that approval was being requested of the students through the Student Government Association and Student Senate with respect to this type mail service.

Dr. Carlton commented on a proposal to fund a proposed new Humanities Building which is expected to be approved by the Board of Governors for the next biennium. This proposal would use the $335,000 appropriation for an addition to Bird Building and would reduce the appropriation for the Natural Science Building by $500,000, making available approximately $3.5 million if the General Assembly appropriates the $2.7 million requested in the budget. He stated the McKee Building would be utilized for the print shop, book exchange, personnel, etc; that the building is structurally sound. He stated further that nothing but the best would be used for any facility placed on the campus and we must be realistic and accommodate humanities since there is a greater demand in humanities. Mr. Mallonee polled the Board with complete support being given to Dr. Carlton's proposal.

Mr. Dillard reported little progress has been made on the stadium due to the inclement weather. He stated the bonds had been sold, the contractor is on campus, and construction will begin as soon as the weather is favorable. (For the minutes of the Property and Building Committee see Exhibit Number Two on file in the Chancellor's Office.)

Mr. Dillard presented a list of faculty and staff members who were 65 years of age or older, but desired to continuing working and had the approval of their supervisors for continued employment. The persons involved are: Professor Harold Westlake, presently 66 years of age; Wiley Bryson, Food Service Assistant I, presently 66 years of age; Edna C. Case, Staff Nurse, presently 65 years of age; and Howard P. McCarroll, Supply Store Manager, presently 64 years of age (will be 65 on May 19, 1973.) It was moved by Mr. Harman, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and unanimously carried that these employees be permitted to work an additional year.

Mr. Dillard states a proxy had been received from Alcoa regarding its annual meeting. It was moved by Mr. Harman, seconded by Mr. Arrington, and unanimously carried that the Secretary, Mr. Hyde, be given authority to complete the form on behalf of the Board.

A discussion was had with respect to the Mental Health Center. Dr. Carlton stated to the Board that those involved are working toward an amicable agreement and that the administration is trying to get the facility functioning in the manner for which it was originated. It was the consensus of the Board that the matter should be resolved as soon as possible.

After a brief recess, the Board went into Executive Session Open Meeting Act for the discussion of personnel matters.

The Board adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack E. Abbott, Chairman

Arnold Hyde, Secretary


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