March 18, 1971


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building     March 18, 1971

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, March 18, 1971, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. The following members were present:

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Jack E. Abbott
W. Harold Mitchell
Charles O. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

The following staff members also attended. Mr. Richard Bell, of the landscape firm of Richard C. Bell & Associates, Raleigh, attended as a consultant. Mr. Fred Drake, Chief Fiscal Officer of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, attended as a visitor and observer.

Alex S. Pow
Robert L. Balliot
Richard C. Berne
Taft B. Botner
Cecil C. Brooks
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
L. Aubrey Drewry, Jr.
J. Gerald Eller
Albert F. Gilman III
S. Aaron Hyatt
James E. Kirkpatrick
J. Stedman Mitchell
Maurice B. Morrill
A. Douglas Reed
Herbert F. Reinhard
Jerry A. Rice, Jr.
William E. Scott
Ruth C. Shuler
John W. Slater
W. Newton Turner
Robert L. Waters

Dr. Hyde called the meeting to order. The roll call indicated the absence of four members of the Board: Mr. Carl Harman, who was detained by business matters; Mr. Arnold Hyde, in Raleigh for his budget presentation to the Legislature; Mr. Ted Jordan, who was ill; and Senator Clyde Norton serving in the Legislature in Raleigh. Mr. Abbott made a motion that these absences be excused. Upon a second by Dr. Van Gorder, the Board unanimously voted to excuse these absences.

Draft minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees on January 2, 1971, had been mailed to members of the Board. Dr. Hyde asked for corrections or additions to the minutes. There were no changes. On motion by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, with a second from Dr. Van Gorder, it was the unanimous vote of the Board that the minutes be approved as written, to become a part of the permanent minutes book.

Dr. Turner presented the following new faculty appointments for the Board's approval: Dr. John Martin Baker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Dr. John F. Bergner, Jr., Professor and Dean, School of Health Sciences and Services; and Mr. William R. Latimer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, returning from two years leave as foreign service officer. On motion for approval by Mr. Mitchell, with a second by Mr. Mallonee, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow recommended confirmation of the appointment of Robert Waters as Director of Athletics. On a motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

On a motion by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, the Board approved the payment of $865,000 of the cost of the stadium through the issuance of University bonds to be repaid from accumulations of the $5 per quarter additional athletics facilities fee. It approved the following as sources from which the $800,000 initial payment towards the stadium could be financed:

University Development Fee Balance 1969-70 plus accumulated interest $ 45,288

Estimated University Development Fee Balance 1970-71, plus interest accumulated $45,553

Ted Jordan Stock (value March 5, 1971, estimated earnings not known at this time) $34,500

Ted Phillips Stocks (value March 5, 1971, estimated earnings not known at this time) $34,500

Belk Stock (Value March 5, 1971, plus accumulated and anticipated earnings) $37,612

Irwin Belk ($5,000 gift, plus estimated interest) $5,414

Repayment from Athletics operating budget of loan from University Development fee) $14,686

Belk Foundation ($5,000 gift, plus estimated interest) $5,414

Athletics Facilities Fee ($15 x 4800 students for one year and 5200 students for second year) $150,000

University Center unobligated surplus $100,000

Stadium Campaign Goal $500,000

$ 972,967

Upon a motion by Mr. Abbott, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, the Board unanimously approved the funding of the second floor of the proposed Post Office Bank building from the State appropriation for an annex to the present Administration Building and also authorized payment from part of that appropriation for air conditioning the present Administration Building.

Dr. Pow presented a proposal for an addition to Dodson Cafeteria to provide for students who will be housed in the new residence halls. This addition, to cost approximately $200,000 - $225,000, would be financed from cash reserves in the Food Services account. On a motion by Dr. Van Gorder, seconded by Mr. Walsh, the Board gave unanimous approval to the proposal.

Dr. Pow explained the need to acquire right-of -way access to the Oteen Extension Center. The motion was made by Mr. Mallonee to approve this acquisition, seconded by Mr. Abbott, and approved unanimously by the Board. At the same time, the following Board resolution was approved:

WHEREAS, certain real property owned by the United States, located in the County of Buncombe, State of North Carolina, has been declared surplus and is subject to assignment for disposal for educational or public health purposes by the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, under the provisions of Section 203 (k) (1) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (63 Stat. 377), as amended, and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, more particularly described as follows:

BEGINNING at an iron pin (shown on plat as #128. 9) and located the following two courses and distances from a concrete marker (shown on plat as #128.11), N. 84º 24' E. 419.27 feet and S. 83º 53' E. 166.50 feet, said concrete marker being the northeast corner of a tract conveyed by George W. Craig to Bernard W. Gibbs (DB 823, p. 516) (also being the point shown as "Iron Stake U. S. Gov't Corner" on survey of George W. Craig's KANAUTH WOODS subdivision as recorded in PB 24, p. 87) and runs thence with lands of National Park Service, four calls as follows, N. 00º 13' E. 235.28 feet to iron pin (shown on plat as #128. 8); thence, N. 88º 17' E. 300.98 feet to an iron pin (#128. 7); thence, S. 03º 14' W. 291.89 feet to iron pin (#128. 6); and thence, S. 82º 29' E. 261.11 feet to a nail in centerline of Riceville Road (State Road No. 2002); thence, two calls with centerline of said road, S. 24º 03' W. 62.75 feet to a nail and S. 26º 13' W. 248.73 feet to a nail; thence, leaving aforesaid Riceville Road, N. 30º 37' W. 299.89 feet to an iron pipe; thence, N. 80º 37' W. 270.00 feet to 2" iron pipe filled with concrete; thence, N. 09º 23' E. 60.00 feet to the point of the BEGINNING, containing 3. 238 acres as computed by DMD method.

WHEREAS, Western Carolina University needs and can utilize said property for educational purposes in accordance with the requirements of said Act and the rules and regulations promulgated there under;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Western Carolina University shall make application to the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare for and secure the transfer to it of the above-mentioned property for said use upon and subject to such exceptions, reservations, terms, covenants, agreements, conditions, and restrictions as the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, or his authorized representative, may require in connection with the disposal of said property under said Act and the rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Western Carolina University has legal authority, is willing, and is in a position to assume immediate care and maintenance of the property and that J. E. Kirkpatrick, the Business Manager, be, and he is, hereby authorized, for and on behalf of the Western Carolina University to do and perform any and all acts and things which may be necessary to carry out the foregoing resolution, including the preparing, making, and filing of plans, applications, reports, and other documents, the execution, acceptance, delivery, and recordation of agreements, deeds, and other instruments, pertaining to the transfer of said property, and the payment of any and all sums necessary on account of the purchase price thereof or on account of fees or costs incurred in connection with the transfer of said property for surveys, title searches, appraisals, recordation of instruments, or escrow costs.

The Board was asked to ratify a mail ballot accepting a grant of $223, 000 for the sewage treatment plant. On a motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Abbott, approval was unanimous. At the same time, the following resolution of the Board was officially adopted:

RESOLVED THAT, The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University accept the Federal Grant offer for sewage treatment works under 33 U. S. C. 466 et sec. in the amount of $222,570, identified as Project No. WPC-NC-322 under the terms and conditions of the agreement (Form #42-RI510) of the Environmental Protection Agency.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that James E. Kirkpatrick, Business Manager of Western Carolina University, is hereby authorized to sign the acceptance agreement and other documents in connection with the grant.

Dr. Pow asked Mr. Richard C. Bell to report on the long-range physical plan of the University and requested authorization of the Board to contract with Mr. Bell for Phase II of this plan in the amount of $7, 000. Mr. Bell presented his beliefs regarding the need for extension of his services beyond those contemplated in the originally-proposed Phase II. After brief discussion, Mr. Walsh moved that future discussion be moved to the executive session of the meeting. Mr. E. J. Whitmire seconded the motion, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow asked for the Board's formal approval of the supplemental "B" and "C" Budget requests (Exhibit No. 1, on file in the President's Office). On motion by Mr. Abbott, seconded by Mr. Walsh, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Mr. Brown reported on the status of pending legislation in the General Assembly regarding Western Carolina University and stated that Western Carolina University's supplemental requests have been assigned to Subcommittee No. 2 chaired by Senator Herman Moore and Representative Jim Beatty, both of Mecklenburg County. The subcommittee will call back the individual agencies to make further presentations. Dr. Hyde commented on the fine job David Huskins did at the presentation in Raleigh on February 24; Mr. Walsh suggested that the Board recognize Mr. Huskins for his contribution. Mr. E. J. Whitmire moved that the Board give Mr. Huskins a written commendation, Mr. Walsh seconded the motion, and approval was unanimous.

Dr. Pow presented the need for tuition and fee increases and changes to meet the suggestions of the Department of Administration and the State Auditor, to provide for new services, and to meet other needs within the University. He recommended that an increase of $14 per quarter be levied effective the Fall Quarter of 1971, which would make the cost of attending Western Carolina University for one year $1, 110. After brief discussion, the Chairman, Dr. Hyde, moved further discussion to the executive session. Dr. Turner presented a proposal for an increase in extension fees. On Mr. Mitchell's motion, seconded by Mr. Abbott, the extension fee system
adopted by the Board was approved as follows:

PART TIME UNDERGRADUATE   On Campus  Off Campus  On Campus  Off Campus
NC Student   8.50 10.00 10.00 12.00
Out-of-Stte Student  12.50 14.00 14.00 16.00
NC Student  11.50 10.00 11.00 12.00 
Out-of-State Student  16.50 14.00  15.00  17.00 


AUDITORS OR OBSERVERS     Same Fees as above

On a motion by Mr. Abbott, seconded by Mr. Walsh, the Board approved a change in the residence hall rental fee system, the charges to range from $70 to $100 per quarter, and the institution of a $25 residence hall damage deposit; these to be effective with the Fall Quarter, 1971. The details of the specific residence hall charges approved by the Board are as follows:

Two New Halls Under Construction
$ 100 per quarter

Scott Hall
$ 90 per quarter

Albright-Benton Hall
$ 90 per quarter

Helder Hall
$ 90 per quarter

Leatherwood Hall
$ 90 per quarter

Buchanan Hall
$ 80 per quarter

Reynolds Hall
$ 80 per quarter

Madison Hall
$ 80 per quarter

Robertson Hall
$ 70 per quarter

Moore Hall
$ 70 per quarter

Dr. Pow presented a proposal for a revision in women's hours and recommended that, effective Fall Quarter 1971, sophomore women and third quarter freshmen women be granted self-regulatory hours. On Mr. Abbott's motion, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, the Board's approval was unanimous.

On a motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, the Board approved the 1971 Graduate catalogue (Exhibit No. 2, on file in the President's Office).

Dr. Pow requested approval of graduate programs in Music, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, and Educational Leadership as tentatively approved by the Instruction Committee and submitted to the State Board of Higher Education (Exhibits No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6 on file in the President's Office). The motion to approve these programs was made by Mr. Walsh as Chairman of the Instruction Committee of the Board; the motion was seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and approval of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow indicated that he wished to withdraw a tentative written recommendation to the Board for approval to pursue application before the FCC for a 'University-operated FM radio station pending discussion with the local commercial stations. The Board authorized Dr. Pow to explore avenues of cooperation with local commercial stations for the benefit of communications within the University, to increase educational and cultural opportunities within the region through the medium of radio, and to enhance educational programs in communications at the University. There was no formal motion in this regard, but there was Board consensus.

Dr. Pow presented a proposal for creation of a University Foundation to be called The Development Foundation of Western Carolina University, Inc. (Exhibit No. 7, on file in the President's Office). This Foundation would meet the need for a device to solicit, hold, and disburse private funds for University purposes. Under this proposal, the directors of the new foundation would be the members of the Board of Trustees. Upon a motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Abbott, approval of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Hyde reported that the Endowment Committee at its meeting on March 18, 1971, had deferred any action and made no recommendations at this time. The Committee will report at the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Mallonee and Dr. Hyde reported on Association of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges and other trustees meetings which they had attended.

On a motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, the Board authorized the President to enter a contract for use of Forest Service property in environmental education programs of the University and for the benefit of public schools of the region.

Mr. Abbott moved that the regular session be adjourned, Mr. E. J. Whitmire seconded the motion, and the Board went immediately into executive session. Open Meeting Act

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:49 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman

Alex S. Pow, Secretary


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