July 23, 1970


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building     July 23, 1970

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, July 23, 1970, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building.

The following members were present:

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Jack E. Abbott
F. Carl Harman
Arnold Hyde
Ted Jordan
Charles 0. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

Members absent:

W. Harold Mitchell
Clyde M. Norton

Others present:

Alex S. Pow
W. Newton Turner
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Taft B. Botner
Aubrey Drewry, Jr.
J. Gerald Eller
Maurice B. Morrill
Robert L. Balliot
Albert F. Gilman, III
Aaron Hyatt
L. D. Hyde
Douglas Reed
Herbert F. Reinhard
Mrs. Jane W. Sossomon

Dr. Hyde called the meeting to order and the roll call indicated the absence of two members of the Board--Mr. Harold Mitchell and Senator Clyde Norton. Mr. Mitchell was absent because of a pending court case and Senator Norton because of car trouble in Nashville, Tennessee. On motion by Mr. Harman, with a second by Dr. Van Gorder, it was the unanimous vote of the Board to excuse these absences.

Draft minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 14, 1970, had been mailed to members of the Board. Dr. Hyde asked if there were corrections or additions to these minutes. Following a motion by Mr. Abbott, with a second by Mr. Walsh, it was the vote of the Board that the minutes be approved as written to become a part of the permanent minute book.

Dr. Hyde then introduced Mr. Ted Jordan, Robbinsville, North Carolina, a new member of the Board.

Following the introduction of Mr. Jordan, Dr. Hyde turned the meeting over to Dr. Pow for the purpose of the Board's nominating a chairman for 1970-71. Immediately after the nomination of Dr. Wallace Hyde, Mr. Harman moved that the nominations be closed. Mr. Abbott seconded the motion, and it was the unanimous vote of the Board that Dr. Hyde continue as chairman.

Dr. Hyde then asked for nominations for vice-chairman. Following the nomination of Mr. Thomas Mallonee by Mr. Arnold Hyde, with a second by Mr. Abbott, Mr. Walsh moved that the nominations be closed. Mr. Harman gave the second, and it was the unanimous vote of the Board that Mr. Mallonee continue as Vice-Chairman.

Next on the agenda was the election of members of the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund. Mr. Walsh moved that the committee remain as elected on May 14, 1970. This received a second from Mr. Jordan, and the vote of, the Board was unanimous. (Exhibit No. 1, on file in the President's Office. )

Dr. Hyde announced that the other committees would continue with the same membership as appointed on May 14, 1970, but that he probably would make some changes at a later date. (Also, Exhibit No. 1, on file in the President's Office. )

Following this, Dr. Pow introduced Mr. Robert L. Balliot, Librarian, and Dr. Herbert F. Reinhard, Vice-President for Student Development, who are now working in their respective positions.

Next, Dr. Pow introduced Dr. Aubrey Drewry, Jr., Dean of the School of Business. He asked for confirmation of Dr. Drewry's appointment, which had been approved by mail by the members of the Board. On motion by Dr. Van Corder, with a second by Mr. Abbott, that Dr. Drewry's appointment be confirmed, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Turner presented a list of new faculty appointments (Exhibit No. 2, on file in the President's Office), plus an additional list, which had not been mailed to the Board (Exhibit No. 2-A, on file in the President's Office), for approval. On motion by Mr. Harman, with a second by Mr. Arnold Hyde, the Board unanimously approved the new appointments.

Dr. Turner presented the names of Dr. Mabel T. Crum, Professor of English, Mr. Filo A. Hodges, Professor of Chemistry, and Dr. Harold W. Kennedy, Professor of Education, for consideration of the Board as professors emeriti. Biographical sketches of each had previously been mailed to the Board. On the recommendation of Dr. Pow that these be approved, Mr. Mallonee moved that Dr. Crum, Mr. Hodges, and Dr. Kennedy be named Professor Emeritus. This received a second from Mr. Abbott, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Turner then presented a list of degree candidates for August, 1970 (Exhibit No. 3, on file in the President's Office), and, provided all requirements were completed, requested the approval of the Board for awarding of degrees as indicated. Mr. Jordan moved that the candidates be so approved; Mr. Harman gave a second to the motion, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Turner presented the 1970 Summer catalogue (Exhibit No. 4, on file in the President's Office), and the 1970-71 General Catalogue (Exhibit No. 5, on file in the President's Office), for approval. Mr. Abbott moved that the catalogues be approved; Mr. Walsh seconded, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow requested Dr. Turner to give a report on 1970 Summer and Fall enrollments. Dr. Turner indicated that the enrollment for the first term of summer school for 1970 was 12.6% above that for the same period 1969. The fall enrollment will be about 4850 full-time students, and a head count of about 5200. About 81% have preregistered for fall, dormitory reservations are closed, and there are approximately 120 women on the waiting list and a few men for vacancies that may occur.

Next, Dean Morrill reported on the development of the Graduate School. A copy of his report (Exhibit No. 6, on file in the President's Office), is available. At the close of Dean Morrill's remarks, Mr. Boyce Whitmire asked if there were any provisions for housing of commuting graduate students. It was his thought that this would help in the growth of the program, if such were available. Dr. Pow reported that at present there are no such provisions but some planning is in progress for this type facility.

At Dr. Pow's request, Dr. Botner outlined plans whereby the entire school system of Jackson County would be an educational laboratory for Western Carolina University. Dean Botner indicated that many needed services could thus be provided in public schools, that the larger laboratory was needed to facilitate teacher education at the University, and that the new system would provide a better accommodation for the lower level and middle level schools at Camp Laboratory School. He added that this move would eliminate a present need for physical expansion of Camp Laboratory School, denied in the last General Assembly. Dr. Pow, at the request of Mr. Arnold Hyde, indicated sources of funding for this venture.

Mr. Brown gave a report on construction in progress and in the planning stage.

Next, Dr. Pow presented for approval an amendment to a grant agreement entered into as of April 22, 1970. The amendment, which would increase the Federal subsidy of the 400-unit dormitory on which construction has just begun, was as follows:



Project No. CH-NC-177(D)
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, North Carolina
Amendment No. I

THIS AMENDMENT TO GRANT AGREEMENT, entered into as of June 23, 1970, by and between WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY (herein called the ''Grantee''), and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (herein called the ''Government''), WITNESSETH:

That certain Grant Agreement made and entered into as of April 22, 1970, and identified as Project CH-NC-177(d), under Contract H-302-3871, is hereby amended in the following respects:

1. In Section 1, Amount and Purpose, increase the amount of the Grant from $27,700 to $42,164 increase the estimated cost of the Project from $1,486,310 to $1,550,000, and in the same paragraph increase the estimated Approved Government Supported Project Costs from $1,310,000 to $1,375,000.

2. In Attachment A, the provisions in Section 9 of the Terms and conditions are revised to the extent necessary to permit Bonds maturing November 1, 1971 through November 1, 1984 to be noncallable.

The Grant Agreement as herein amended remains in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Amendment has been executed in the name of WESTERN CAROLINA. UNIVERSITY by the undersigned official, and under its official seal, attested by its______________, and in the name and on behalf of the United States of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by the undersigned official.




(Print or Type Name and Title)



(Print or Type Name & Title)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Assistant Regional Administrator for Housing Assistance

(Date of Execution by Government)

Mr. Mallonee moved that the amendment to the Grant Agreement be accepted. Mr. Jordan gave the second to the motion and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

The general session was adjourned and the Board went immediately into executive session. Open Meeting Act

There being no further business, the Board adjourned at 12:45 p. m. for lunch at the Brown Cafeteria.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman

Alex S. Pow, Secretary


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