January 31, 1972


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          January 31, 1972

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in a special called meeting at 3:30 p.m., Monday, January 31, 1972, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. The following members were present:

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Robert L. Edwards
F. Carl Harman
Arnold Hyde
Clyde M. Norton
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire
Gregory K. Lockamy

Others present were:

Frank H. Brown, Jr.
A. F. Gilman III
W. Wat Hopkins
James H. Horton
Clifford R. Lovin
Virginia P. Molinatto
Maurice B. Morrill
J. Daniel Pittillo
Herbert F. Reinhard

Dr. Hyde called the meeting to order. The roll call indicated the absence of four members: Jack Abbott, whose son-in-law had a heart attack; Ted Jordan, who was in Nassau on business; W. Harold Mitchell, who was in court; and Dr. Charles O. Van Gorder, who was attending a national convention of Shriner's. It was moved by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Harman, and unanimously carried that the Board excuse these absences.

Dr. Lovin, Dr. Pittillo, and Dr. Reinhard were present in the meeting for the purpose of speaking to the Board regarding the proposed four-lane road. Dr. Lovin stated that in the Business Affairs Committee meeting it had been stated there would be two additional lanes to Dodson Cafeteria. The questions had been raised how this would improve traffic conditions with a pedestrian campus, and, how would this facilitate traffic- Mr. E. J. Whitmire stated that the four-lanes had been proposed before the Bell Plan was originated; that the State Highway Commission is going to do a thorough study to see how the four-lane would affect the campus; and that he believes the Highway Commission can do the campus a lot of good Dr. Lovin asked it some pattern for student crossing is planned. Mr. Whitmire further stated that more can be done with a mall than with the present situation; that he is willing to work with them to help students; and that he appreciates the questions and interests. Dr. Pittillo stated the only thing that bothered him is that the Bell Plan would not be feasible with the four-lane road; that it had included the distance of the art complex; and that wider roads would not be feasible in a pedestrian campus. Further discussion was had, with Mr. Whitmire stating that when the study comes out, he will go over it with those present; that we need to upgrade what we now have; and that we must look at the situation with the future in mind.

Dr. Horton was requested to present the amendment which had been approved by the Faculty Senate and the Faculty in general, stating the change needs the approval of the Board before it can be printed in the Faculty Handbook. Upon motion of Mr. Arnold Hyde, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, it was unanimously carried that the Amendment be approved. (See Exhibit #1 on file in the President's Office.)

The Capital Improvements were presented to the Board by Mr. Brown. (See Exhibit #2 on file in the President's Office.)

Dr. Hyde stated to the Board he had partially completed the appointment of the Screening Committee which will have the job of searching for a President. This Committee shall consist of five members of the Board of Trustees, five members of the Faculty, Chairman of the Board of Visitors (John Parris), one student (Gregory K. Lockamy), and a member of the Alumni Association (Mrs. Mary Nesbitt). The Faculty members to participate will be Dr. M. B. Morrill, who will serve as Co-Chairman, Dr. J. Dooley, Dr. G. Chambers, Professor Patsy Scott, and Coach Bob Waters. Board members to participate will be Mr. Jack E. Abbott, who will serve as Co-Chairman, Mr. Ted Jordan, and Dr. C. 0. Van Gorder. Motion was made by Mr. Arnold Hyde to approve Dr. Hyde's Screening Committee with the nomination of Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee and Mr. Robert L. Edwards as the additional Board members. Motion was seconded by Mr. Boyce Whitmire and unanimously carried.

Dr. Hyde further stated that this Committee will have to devote a lot of time to fulfill its purpose. It was the consensus of those present that this Committee present three prospects to the full Board, and it, in turn, will choose the President.

Dr. Hyde then requested the Board to state the guidelines by which this Committee should choose the candidates. After much discussion it was the consensus of the Board that the following requirements shall be stressed in choosing the next President:

1 -Good administrator
2-Respected by professional people
3 -Personality (project proper image of the University)
4 -Dependability
5 -Person of integrity
6 -Interested in academics as well as athletics
7-Reputation of getting things done
8-Good health

Dr. Morrill presented the Graduate Bulletin for 1972-1973 for the Board's approval. It was moved by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Lockamy, and unanimously carried that the Board approve this bulletin. (See Exhibit #3 on file in the President's Office.)

Dr. Hyde then stated the Board would go immediately into Executive Session. Open Meeting Act

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:45 p. m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman

Frank H. Brown, Jr., Acting Secretary


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