January 2, 1971


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building     January 2, 1971

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in a special session at 3:00 p.m., Saturday, January 2, 1971, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. The following members were present:

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice Chairman
Jack E. Abbott
F. Carl Harman
Arnold J. Hyde
Ted Jordan
Clyde M. Norton
Charles O. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

Others Present:

Alex S. Pow
W. Newton Turner
Frank H. Brown , Jr.
Robert Balliot
Richard Berne
Taft B. Botner
L. Aubrey Drewry, Jr.
J. Gerald Eller
Aaron Hyatt
James E. Kirkpatrick
Hugh Matthews
Maurice B. Morrill
R. E. Nelson
Salvatore Nerboso
A. Douglas Reed
Herbert F. Reinhard
Jerry Rice
William E. Scott
John Slater
Jane W. Sossomon
Walter L. Williams

Dr. Hyde called the meeting to order. The roll call indicated the absence of one member of the Board, Mr. Harold Mitchell, who was ill. On motion by Dr. Van Gorder, with a second by Mr. Abbott, it was the unanimous vote of the Board to excuse this absence.

Draft minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 13, 1970 had been mailed to members of the Board. Dr. Hyde asked for corrections or additions to the minutes. There were no changes. On motion by Mr. Harman with a second from Mr. Abbott, it was the unanimous vote of the Board that the minutes be approved as written, to become a part of the permanent minute book.

Mr. Kirkpatrick made a brief report of the last meeting of the Endowment Fund Committee (Exhibit No. 1 on file in the President's Office. ) He added that three banks had expressed interest in handling the endowment funds and representatives from each bank are to be invited to the campus for discussion.

Mr. Nelson presented recent amendments to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate which had been approved by the Senate and recommended by the President to the Board of Trustees (Exhibit No. 2 on file in the President's Office. ) Mr. Arnold Hyde moved that the amendments be approved. This received a second from Dr. Van Gorder and the motion was unanimously approved by the Board.

Dr. Pow recommended the appointment of Dr. Richard Berne as Director, Division of University Extension Services, and requested the approval of the Board. On motion for approval by Mr. Abbott, with a second by Mr. Walsh, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow recommended the appointment of Dr. Jerry Rice as Director of Summer School and requested the approval of the Board. On motion for approval by Mr. Mallonee, with a second by Dr. Van Gorder, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow reported on the search for a Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Services. Eight applicants have been considered and the choice has been narrowed to two, Dr. John F. Bergner, Jr. and Dr. Myron P. Hamer. The President stated that his opinion was that the University should proceed with Dr. Bergner. On motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, with a second by Mr. Harman, the Board authorized the President to proceed with further investigation and, if results so indicate, to appoint Dr. Bergner as Dean.

Dr. Reinhard presented a proposal for a change in dormitory management for the information of the Board. No action by the Board was indicated, but the consensus of the Board seemed to be that the proposal was desirable.

At the request of Dr. Pow, Mr. William E. Scott presented a proposal submitted by WLOS-TV to install a translator on an existing TV tower belonging to the University (Exhibit No. 3 on file in the President's Office. ) Dr. Pow stated that he intended to proceed upon request and other lines recommended by the consultants. Mr. Scott indicated their request was for a 10-17 ear lease, with option to renew. Mr. Harman moved that the University administration be authorized to contract with WLOS-TV, if this seemed desirable. Mr. Abbott gave the second, and the vote of the Board was unanimous in approval.

At the request of Dr. Pow, Mr. Scott presented a renewal lease for use of the parking area around the Cullowhee United Methodist Church (Exhibit No. 4 on file in the President's Office. ) This is a two-year lease and the cost is now $1,000, an increase of $200 over the previous lease. On motion by Mr. Mallonee for approval of the lease, with a second from Senator Norton, the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Hyde and Mr. E. J. Whitmire reported on the recent Governor's conference with representatives from the boards of trustees of the sixteen State institutions. The subject of discussion at this meeting was coordination, control, and governance of higher education. Dr. Hyde indicated that four possibilities had been presented: (1) do nothing; (2) create a board to affect public institutions of higher learning outside the Consolidated University; (3) strengthen the position of the Board of Higher Education; (4) establish a board to govern all institutions, one replacing or limiting existing boards.

Mr. E. J. Whitmire presented background on the Consolidated University and the organizations and coordination of higher education in North Carolina.

At Dr. Pow's request, Professor Nerboso spoke on the memorandum on coordination, control, and governance prepared by the University's administrative staff (Exhibit No. 5 on file in the President's Office,) and a related memorandum concerning programs of higher education in other states.

Dr. Hyde indicated that he was in accord with the memorandum, but he thought that it needed elaboration as to how members of the proposed coordinating agency would be selected.

Dr. Hyde then moved that the Board adopt as its position the memorandum prepared by the Administrative staff, with the following addition: The Governor would appoint all members to the coordinating board; membership would be legislative and non-legislative; that both the legislative and other membership on the coordinating board would be on a geographical basis according to congressional districts. This was seconded by Mr. E. J. Whitmire and received the unanimous approval of the Board.

On recommendation of Dr. Pow, it was decided that the action of the Board should be transmitted by letter from the Board Chairman to the Governor, and that this letter should be presented to the Governor by the President the morning of January 4, in advance of the Governor's meeting with the Advisory Committee of Presidents and the State Board of Higher Education. This was moved by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, and approved by the Board.

Dr. Hyatt, at the request of Dr. Pow, presented the position of the University with respect to the report of the Legislative Study Commission on Student Financial Aid. No action of the Board was thought necessary, and the consensus of the Board was that the position taken by the University administration was appropriate.

Following adjournment of the general session, the Board met in executive session. Open Meeting Act

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman

Alex S. Pow, Secretary


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