January 11, 1974


Catamount Room, Hinds University Center, January 11, 1974

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on January 11, 1974, at 10:00 a.m. in the Catamount Room of Hinds University Center. The following trustees were present:

Mr. James R. Glenn, Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Abbott
Mr. Orville D. Coward
Mr. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. Hugh E. Gentry
Mr. Jack M. Hennessee
Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee
Mrs. Helen B. Owen
Mr. Harold R. Rogers
Mr. Richard B. Wynne

Mr. John H. Gloyne was absent because of a death in his family; Mr. Hazen Ledford and Mr. Clyde M. Norton were absent because of prior business commitments.

Mr. Glenn commented that he had just spent three days in Charlotte and had received a good report on Dr. McEniry, who was out of intensive care and making good progress. There is a good prognosis.

Draft minutes of the previous meeting had been mailed to the trustees. Mr. Gentry moved that the minutes be approved as drafted, Mr. Mallonee seconded, and the motion was approved.

The next item on the agenda was the adoption of by-laws for the Board of Trustees. Following discussion, the Board decided to delay action an this item.

Mr. Scott, University Legal Counsel, presented a report on liability insurance to cover members of the Board and administrative officers. (The complete proposal is on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit #1.) Mr. Scott recommended that the Board authorize the purchase of Item II, Plan A, to include all prior acts. A brief discussion followed. Mr. Edwards then moved that the insurance be purchased and Mr. Abbott seconded the motion. Mr. Rogers stated that he was opposed to spending the money, that the Board should take time and do as good a job as possible. The vote was eight yes, one no, and the motion carried.

Dr. Chambers, Faculty Athletic Chairman, and Mr. Waters, Director of Athletics, reported on their attendance at the Southern Conference meeting. Mr. Glenn asked them to call upon any of the trustees who could be of assistance in the effort to join the Southern Conference.

Mr. Dillard, Vice-Chancellor for Business Affairs, presented proposed fee increases for the Board's information, stating that such increases are approved by the Chancellor and then by the President. (See Exhibit #2 on file in the Chancellor's Office for the complete proposal.) Mr. Dillard said that long and careful consideration had been given to these increases and that all segments of the University had been consulted. A summary of the increases follows:

Late Registration fee raised to $10, effective summer session,1974.

Rates for in-state part-time students be standardized at $14 per hour, effective summer session, 1974, for summer school students and fall quarter, 1974, for all other students.

Rates for out-of-state part-time students be standardized at $25 per hour, effective summer session, 1974, for summer school students and fall quarter, 1974, for all other students.

Rates for summer school board charges be adjusted in accordance with detailed schedule, effective summer session, 1974.

Rate for board charge for regular quarter be raised to $145 per quarter, effective fall quarter, 1974.

Rates for summer school room charges adjusted in accordance with detailed schedule, effective summer session, 1974.

Rates for room charges be standardized at $160 per quarter, effective fall quarter, 1974.

Mr. Hennessee moved that the proposed increases be adopted. Mr. Gentry seconded the motion. Mr. Rogers opposed the increases, all other votes were affirmative, and the motion carried.

In the absence of Mr. Norton, Mr. Brown, Acting Chancellor, reported that the Building Committee did not meet at 9:30 as had been scheduled. He said that the meeting would have been for information only. He then explained that capital improvement requests are being developed for the 1975 legislature, and that requests have been sent to Chapel Hill for cost estimates. Library space is the top need in this institution and the administrators have come up with a process by which we can move a new modern adequate library into the program without jeopardizing other planned space. Dr. McEniry had mentioned locating a new library where McKee is now, all of this to be six to eight to ten years in the future. Top priority as this 1975 program is developed would be a classroom building, an addition of fourth floor to Killian, administrative space, and the library. The recently-completed NCATE study cited the library as the No. I deficiency of this institution, and Mr. Brown feels sure the upcoming SACS self-study will do the same.

Mr. Brown explained that, through an oversight, emeritus status was not granted to Dr. Newton Turner upon his retirement. Mr. Brown recommended to the Board that the title Vice-President and President Emeritus be conferred upon Dr. Turner. Mr. Mallonee so moved, Mr. Coward seconded, and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Mr. Brown then explained that he has been involved very little in the development of the new governance document. He thinks there is some work still to be done before presenting the document to the Board. Mr. Brown will place a recommendation before the Board at the next meeting. Mr. Coward asked for time to read the document, with action to be taken later.

Mr. Rogers asked for a motion of personal privilege to give the floor to Mr. Andrew Baggs. Mr. Glenn stated if personnel matters would be concerned, the Board would have to go into executive session. Open Meeting Act Mr. Baggs then asked that members of the Selection Committee be permitted to sit in on the executive session, and this request was granted.

With no other business to conduct, the meeting was declared adjourned.

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Helen B. Owen, Secretary


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