August 24, 1978



The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on August 24, 1978, at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building.


Members of the Board present were: Mr. Abbott, Mr. Cowan, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Hennessee, Mr. Holt, Mr. Ledford, Mr. Mallonee, Miss Nelson, Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Phillips, and Mr. Wynne. Others present were: Chancellor Robinson; Vice Chancellors Carter, Dooley, Stillion, and Stoltz; Mrs. Jakes, Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Brown, Special Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Creech, Director of Academic Services; Dr. Pickering, Faculty Representative to the Board; Mr. Ramsey, Assistant to the Chancellor for WCU Programs in Asheville; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Mr. Scott, Legal Counsel; Mr. Waters, Director of Athletics; Mr. Wood, Director of Institutional Studies and Planning; and Mrs. Shuler, Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor.

Chairman Glenn presided over the meeting.


Chairman Glenn reported that copies of the minutes of the meeting held on May 4, 1978, had been mailed to the Trustees. A request was made that the minutes be corrected to indicate that Mr. Edwards had presented the report of the Personnel Committee. Following this correction and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved.


Mr. Hennessee presented the report of the Building Committee on the following items:

1. Ratification of Loan Application for Robertson Hall

The Trustees had been contacted by telephone to request authorization to submit a loan application for the renovation of Robertson Hall. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the action was ratified.

2. Report on Architects' Presentations

On August 10, fourteen architectural firms were interviewed in Asheville for the Hunter Library addition. Following the interviews, it was the consensus of the Building Committee to recommend to the full Board that the firm of Six Associates, Inc., of Asheville, be awarded the contract.

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, the design contract for Hunter Library addition was awarded to Six Associates, Inc.

3. Extension of Fire Department Lease

Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, the following resolution was adopted:

On January 1, 1976, Western Carolina University and the County of Jackson entered into a certain contract providing, among other things, the housing of certain fire equipment. That portion of the contract, providing for the housing of said equipment, is contained in Paragraph 3 of said agreement. Paragraph 3 provided that the University would provide housing for certain fire equipment for a period not to exceed three years. The said three year period will expire December 31, 1978. The purpose of the following resolution is to offer to house said fire equipment for one year, beginning January 1, 1979.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Chancellor of Western Carolina University execute the necessary instrument to provide for the housing of the fire equipment referred to in that certain contract dated January 1, 1976, for a period of twelve months beginning January 1, 1979, and expiring December 31, 1979. This resolution shall in no way affect the contract hereinabove referred to (dated January 1, 1976) but on the contrary said agreement shall and does remain in full force and effect.

4. Authorization of Chancellor to Approve Architectural Contracts not to Exceed $250,000

Based on the frequent necessity to employ design services for relatively small alteration and repair projects which arise in the normal operation of the University's plant and grounds, the Trustees were requested to delegate authority to the Chancellor to appoint architects for projects not exceeding $250,000 in cost. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, the delegation of authority was made.


The Trustees had previously given approval to award degrees at the August commencement to those students meeting requirements. Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the Trustees ratified the list of actual graduates. (Copy of list on file with minutes material.)


Director Waters presented a recommendation from an ad hoc committee that the Catamount Room in Jordan-Phillips Field House be renamed The Tom Young Room in honor of former Athletic Director Thomas Bayard Young. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the recommendation was approved.

FEES FOR 1979-80

Vice Chancellor Carter explained the proposed increases in fees for the 1979-80 academic year. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the proposed fees were approved. (Copy of fee schedule on file with minutes material.)


1. Winston-Salem State University Visit

Chancellor Robinson told the Trustees of the visits back and forth with Winston-Salem State University and the proposed cooperative efforts to be funded from a grant sought from the Kellogg Foundation.

2. CIML Activities

The Center for Improvement of Mountain Living has completed its first year of operation, and Chancellor Robinson gave a summary of the activities conducted by this Center.

3. Communications Update

The Trustees were informed of the study made by Mr. Durham of the television center and his recommendations for equipment and personnel.

4. Summer Commencement

Chancellor Robinson reported on the summer commencement exercises held on August 4. Because of the inclement weather the exercises for graduate students were held in the University Center Grand Room and the exercises for undergraduate students were in Hoey Auditorium.

5. Enrollment Projections

Mr. Creech reported that enrollment is up 5 percent from the preceding year, although graduate enrollment is down slightly.

6. New Degree Authorizations and Proposals

Vice Chancellor Stoltz reported on the authorizations for new degree programs and explained the proposals being submitted for study by General Administration officials.

7. Faculty Workload Study

Dr. Stoltz also reported on the faculty workload study which was conducted in the spring and indicated that another survey will be made in the fall semester.

8. Summer Activities

The summer enrollment was down 4-1/2 percent, but a large number of new programs were carried out, including Elderhostel, Camper College, Early Bird, and the Cullowhee Experience. Prospects for some of these programs are very good for future years.

9. Remedial Programs

Dr. Stoltz announced that grants totaling approximately $200,000 had been received for work with underachievers and that 126 students had been enrolled in the provisional program during the summer. Of the 126, 100 are eligible to enroll this fall in regular classes.

10. Affirmative Action Plan

Vice Chancellor Stillion reported that the affirmative action plan has been accepted and is now in operation, with goals established for faculty and administrative positions over the next five years. The 'Title IX study and the initial Handicapped study have also been completed.

11. Housing for Fall Semester

Dr. Stillion also reported that more than 3200 students would be housed in the residence halls for fall semester, the highest total ever.

12. Construction Projects

Director Wood reported that the Music-English Building has been occupied; completion date for the Administration-Mountain Heritage Center is February 1, 1979; the highway construction is on schedule; and the telephone lines are in place.

13. Parking Lot and Drainage

The parking lot behind the Baptist Church will be ready for use in about three weeks and will park 286 vehicles. There have been problems with drainage and the recent heavy rains have caused flooding. The University is moving as rapidly as possible to correct the situation, and bids will be opened today on a drainage project.

14. Research and Graduate Studies

Dean Hyatt and Dr. Manock presented a comprehensive report on the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, using a slide show to give statistics and rankings.


The meeting recessed at noon and the Trustees were taken on a tour of the campus, going into the Music-English Building, Reid Gym, and by the Administration/Mountain Heritage Center. Lunch was served in Brown Cafeteria at one o'clock.


Chairman Glenn called the Board into executive session at 1:30 p.m.


With no other business to be transacted, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Avis Phillips, Secretary


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