May 22, 1969


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          May 22, 1969

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in called session in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. May 22, 1969, at 10:00 a.m. The following members were present:

Jonathan Woody, Chairman
J. Ramsey Buchanan, Vice-Chairman
Morgan Cooper
Arnold Hyde
Harold Mitchell
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

Members absent:

Frank Forsyth
Tom Mallonee
Mrs. Dan K. Moore
Dr. Charles 0. Van Gorder

Others present:

Alex S. Pow
W. Newton Turner
Taft B. Botner
J. Gerald Eller
Gerald Hardy
Taylor L. Huskins
L. D. Hyde
James E. Kirkpatrick
Dr. Hugh Matthews
Maurice B. Morrill
Charles M. Neufeld
Douglas Reed
Mrs. Jane W. Sossomon

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Mr. Woody, who asked for any corrections to the minutes of the previous meeting held on March 20, 1969, which had been mailed to members of the Board. No corrections were indicated. Upon motion by Mr. Ramsey Buchanan, seconded by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, the minutes were approved to become a part of the permanent minute book.

Mr. Douglas Reed read a resolution concerning Mr. James F. Gudger. (Exhibit No. 1, on file in the President's Office.) Upon motion by Mr. Arnold Hyde, seconded by Mr. Mitchell, the resolution was approved unanimously.

Dr. Turner introduced Dean Botner, Dean Eller, Dean Morrill, and Dr. Neufeld, who presented in turn the prospective candidates for degree from each school. Dr. Turner requested the approval of the Board to award degrees as indicated. (Exhibit No. 2, on file in the President's Office.) On motion of Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Mitchell, the candidates were approved unanimously.

Dr. Turner next presented a list of new appointments for 1969-1970 for approval. (Exhibit No. 3, on file in the President's Office.) Dr. Eller indicated that a change in title (Professor of Speech and Dramatic Art instead of Professor of English) for Dr. Richard C. Wickman, Department of English, should be made. On motion of Mr. Walsh, seconded by Mr. Arnold Hyde, the new appointees were approved as indicated.

The following promotions were recommended:

Joseph Y. Bassett - Associate Professor to Professor
Robert D. Little - Associate Professor to Professor
Mary S. Wayte - Associate Professor to Professor
Max R. Williams - Associate Professor to Professor
Jerry A. Rice - Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
John L. Bell - Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (contingent upon and effective with the completion of the Ph. D. degree)
Walter E. Bolton - Instructor to Assistant Professor
Christine B. Friesner - Instructor to Assistant Professor
Elizabeth C. James - Instructor to Assistant Professor
Minerva Linden - Instructor to Assistant Professor
Linda Jones Perry - Instructor to Assistant Professor
James E. Smith - Instructor to Assistant Professor

Mr. Cooper moved that these promotions be approved. Mr. Mitchell seconded the motion and the Board gave unanimous approval.

Dr. Pow stated to the Board that we have received a few requests for leave of absence. He asked if the wish of the Board was to continue approval through action of the Board of Trustees or if the Board would prefer that these requests be handled administratively. On motion of Mr. Mitchell, with a second by Mr. Buchanan, it was the decision of the Board that such requests be handled administratively.

Dr. Pow, with the assistance of Mr. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Reed and participation of Board members, Mr. Woody and Mr. E. J. Whitmire, gave a report of matters before the General Assembly and discussions with the Governor, with emphasis on legislative funding. Other items of discussion included the recent legislation redefining the purposes of the regional universities and the doctoral degree programs; interest rates on construction bond sales, parking and traffic legislation, current campus construction, and penalty fees.

Mr. L. D. Hyde reported the recent action of the student body regarding payment of alumni fee. It was proposed by President 'Pow that the special student alumni fee be discontinued at the end of the academic year 1970-1971. Mr. Arnold Hyde moved that this be approved. The motion received a second from Mr. Boyce Whitmire, and the vote of the Board was unanimous in approval of the motion.

Dr. Pow, assisted by Dr. Matthews, reported on the State of Franklin relationships. Matters covered principally were a recent State of Franklin application for Federal assistance which involved Western Carolina University but which was submitted without Western Carolina University approval and the question of continued occupancy of University space by State of Franklin of fices. Mr. Arnold Hyde stated that he thought the Board should approve Dr. Pow's position on these problems, and that the Board should give him a vote of confidence. On motion of Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Buchanan, it was the unanimous decision of the Board to leave these matters up to Dr. Pow to handle.

Mr. Reed spoke regarding General Assembly action with regard to student membership on boards of trustees of universities and colleges and gave a report of his meetings with members of the Governor's staff. On motion of Mr. Boyce Whitmire, seconded by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, the matter of attendance of the President and the Vice-President of the Student Body at Board meetings was deferred until the Board's October meeting.

Mr. Reed requested the members of the Board who had not done so to make appointments with Putnam's in Asheville to have their pictures made.
Dr. Pow, with the assistance of Mr. Hardy, presented the pending application before the Economic Development Administration and the request before the General Assembly for funds with which to support an economic development center. He then introduced Mr. Fatzinger and Mr. Kelly, of the Economic Development Administration staff, who joined the Board briefly.

The Board adjourned at 12:30 p. m. for lunch during which there was discussion with the Economic Development Administration representatives.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Woody, Chairman

Alex S. Pow, Secretary





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